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    Yeni nesil kontak lensler ile
    her mesafede net görüş

    Gözlük kullanmaktan sıkıldıysanız
    Yeni nesil kontak lens çeşitlerimizi inceleyebilirsiniz.

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    Bölgenin TEK Özel Hastanesi

    Royal Sağlık Grubu Bandırma ve Biga Hastaneleri
    ile Bölgenin TEK Özel Sağlık Grubu

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    Özellikle Alzheimer Hastalığı İçin
    Beyin Check-Up ile Erken Teşhis

    Nöroloji Uzmanımız Ergin Karakaya'dan
    Check-up için Randevunuzu Alınız

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    Obezite cerrahisiyle kilo vermek çok kolay!

    Obezite cerrahisinde uzman hekimlerimiz ve
    uyguladığımız tedavilerle yaşantınızı şekillendirin!

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    Özel Biga Royal Hastanesi Hizmetinizde...

    Royal Kalitesi artık Biga'da
    Tüm Branşlarımız ve Uzman Kadromuz ile Hizmetinizdeyiz.

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    Diş eksikliğinde kesin çözüm!

    Doğal diş kayıplarına en iyi alternatif implant!
    Size mükemmel ve doğal bir gülüş garanti ediyoruz.

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Health for All Since 1987

Bandırma Private Hospital was first established in 1987; It has served Bandırma and its surroundings for many years and has always maintained its mission of being an exemplary hospital to make patients and their relatives feel that they are special. Considering the conditions of the time, the service and technology provided have always been one step ahead. Bandırma Private Hospital, which constantly pursues a better service and better technology policy, continues to serve as the reliable and most preferred hospital in the region with this determination and responsibility, with the motto of Health for All since 1987.

Comfort Care

Specialist Medical Units

Top Quality

Advanced Technology



Private Royal Hospital, which offers all kinds of health services that may be needed in every period of life with its professional staff with its multidisciplinary treatment approach, serves in an area of ​​15,000 square meters in Bandırma.

In our hospital, we continue our R&D studies 24/7 with our team to provide you with healthcare services above world standards, with a total of 75+ bed capacity in our suites and private patient rooms that offer a high level of comfort to patients and their relatives.

Our hospitals, which provide services with international healthcare standards, expert staff, appropriate physical features, advanced medical device range and technical equipment, are among the exemplary organizations with their structures that do not compromise on medical and ethical principles and respect patient rights.

About Us

Mutlu Hasta Yorumları


Doktorlarımız tarafından hazırlanan yazılarımızı Sağlık Köşemizden Takip Edebilirsiniz.

Step into a Healthy Life with Obesity Surgery

Obesity surgery is preferred nowadays, especially by patients who cannot lose weight with regular exercise and diet. With obesity surgery, patients lose 30-40% of their weight within a year. In our hospital, gastric s....

Choosing the Healthiest Contact Lens

Kontakt lens seçiminde kişinin göz yapısı, numarası , çalışma koşulları ve kişinin beklentisi de önemlidir. Ama biz size seçiminizi yaparken nelere dikkat etmeniz gerektiği ve hangi lens....

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